Faceless Friday: Part 127

It’s Friday, let us celebrate by having a Faceless Friday!! Faceless Friday is where I list out all of the things that rocked my face off in the past week.  I have to be honest, I’m not feeling the best, and I think I just want to do a list this week instead of details…. Cause… well I can.  So here it goes:

Coffee, hazelnut creamer, forgiveness, not being in a shallow dead end relationship, not being in a relationship at all, finding my voice (and using it), pens, paper, time to draw and create, my family, my friends, dog hair on EVERYTHING, because that means I have my Beasts with me, music, new music, ideas, thoughts that form goals, internet access, a bed, Netflix, antibiotics, a Tribe, sunshine, moonshine and soulshine, the stars, good books, finding my core again, laughter, The Twins, big plans, destroying the blocks that hold me back, new sunglasses!!, the generosity and understanding I receive so often from my loved ones, reaching personal goals (and rocking the shit outta them), melatonin, and you dear Craughers, for still being here.


About craughing

Ever had one of those days where you couldn't stop laughing? Then you laughed so hard it turned into crying? And you were still laughing? That my friends is called a Craughing moment. Or perhaps you had an awful day? Cried most of the day and then found something that tickled that happy spot in your heart and you started laughing? And you were still crying? Yes, another Craughing moment! This blog is filled with my Craughing moments.
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